Mumijo-100g Altai
Mumijo-100g Altai

Mumijo-100g Altai

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Mumijo-100g Altai

Mumijo is an incredible health whole body tonic found in caves in Russia and also in India (ours is from the high Altai Mountains in Russia).
In Ayurvedic medicine it’s called Shilajit and is also known as the destroyer of weakness.
We’re finding amazing results for health and plant medicine facilitators in using this supplement to effect deep healing from trauma and ancestral work.
There’s over 300 doses of Mumijo in each 100g tub!

Mumio is a natural mix of organic and inorganic matters.
It consists of a range of 80+ minerals & vitamins and fulvic acid.

The word Mumio literally means “protecting body against diseases”, “body preserving”. The term “mum” means growth in the areas where Persian Empire was situated.

Our Mumio deposits are located in high mountains of Russia. Local people gather Mumio in caves and rock fissures in hardly accessible terrains at altitudes above 3000 meters. Mumio is found on walls and ceilings of caves or in rifts as dropstones or small stalactites.

Checking it’s authentic

Our Mumijo comes with a certificate of authenticity in Russian.

Mumijo is black color and shiny on it’s surface with a consistency similar to asphalt. It should quickly dissolve with body heat (including on one’s palm). It has an unmistakable bitter taste and a characteristic smell and dissolves in water easily but not in alcohol. Fine sediment after stirring must be minimal.

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