Collaborate with us!

We've been working with plants for over 15 years and are truly excited to be able to assist bringing this sensory expression to your brand, community or project.

Scent arrives into one's being by way of emotion, memory, experience before it arrives to the brain and has a chance to be processed and labelled. That's why scent is such a powerful way to bring together a community, or to express the magic of a brand or project. A deeply felt experiential expression that includes the power of the plants.

Contact us and let's discuss your vision. We can explore the creation of an artisanal unique custom incense plank using either a scent we create together or one you have already created. 

Minimum order is 1000 planks and, depending on the ingredients we use, the planks are very competitively priced. 
Contact us today and let's collaborate!

We only use fresh ingredients and only plant materials-no glues, synthetics, toxins or additives. Just plants.

We seek to create an incense that works as a smoke medicine, framing the intelligence of the plants we use. This means we use time proven processing methods. Grinding up the raw materials, mixing by hand into a dough with unstructured Kangen water, crafting into blocks then dehydrating at low temperatures. 

Bring the plants into your world with an incense plank designed specifically for you and handmade in ways which support the environment and the local communities which steward the plants.

Let us help you bring your vision alive!